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Featured Artists - November 2015
Greetings everyone and welcome to the next installment of our monthly newsletter with featured works from our community members!

I'd like to take a moment and say thanks to those that have shown support by offering words of encouragement and advice for the newsletters. Without those words the newsletter wouldn't have much to it!

From Movco
Part of 'The Journey' project, hope you like it :D

From peppoW
This image is for a illustration contest.
I decided to make a picture in black and white to streghten the emphasis. The most difficul thing was the light, because I did not want a picture with classic value and lights. Also decide how much black or how much white took me a lot of time, it was very difficult.

The title of the picture, The Last Cathedral, means the last point of hope for Human being, hidden in the wild nature, where they can rebuild civilization.
I learned a lot from this piece and it was very funny, now I will focus to paint other pieces like this.

From DylanPierpont
Most of my clients and professional work tilt towards the fantasy side of the genre spectrum. So when the folks over at John Dossinger Publishing approached me about doing a sci-fi cityscape I couldn't resist. Had a blast getting to knock out the primary building structures in 3D (Modo) and then doing the final pass and polish in photoshop. Overall I had a really good experience with both the client and the brief, and now I'm itching for the day I can work on another sci-fi project :D

You can see more of my work in my DA gallery or over on my website:

From Roiuky
yeeeeeuuusss! finally! this took forever, so sorry :iconwesternspice: hope they work though!^_^ these are backgrounds for her mad max rp group :iconchrome-raiders:

From SamSantala
Created for Monte Cook Games RPG, 'Numenera'

From EnemyDesign
Refined some of my last thumbnails I posted up.

I have an always will have a love to paint landscapes, create new places or worlds. When I got the opportunity to visualize this image for a commission I was ecstatic. The concept explained to me was almost surreal, as if from a dream. A glowing orb in a tree, on a hill, veins on light wrapped around the branches to ultimately cascade off the tips. Commissions like these are always rare and few in between but a pleasure to create.

This was a perfect place for me to play with elements of motion and stillness. The tree looks as if it was struck with a red hot cannonball at  the base of the trunk parts of the tree flying away and the sky swirling around it in a towering tunnel of clouds. Yet, at the same time the tree stands still in the eye of the storm as it bleeds these ribbons of light, the orb frozen, at the trees center, almost as if time has stopped.
Hey guys,

just a quick note:

Due to the lack of time because of my college course, i have to tell you that im going inactive now. I think im not active enough anymore to handle the incoming request.

Im sure you guys handle it well in the future and wish i you the best; maybe im coming back ;)


~ Jekkt

Greetings everyone and welcome to our first monthly newsletter featuring a bumper crop of works from our community members!
We have a fine collection this month and we even have some words of wisdom amongst the bunch!
Please note that if you have been featured on one month that you cannot be featured on the following month. So no two consecutive months of being featured.

From Finchzero
The images you see are from an Anime project called Millennium Exile.
Starting in 2009, this project has a small but awesome fan following around the world and is slated for pitching at Studio Ufotable in late 2016 - early 2017. I am currently putting together an art book, filled with artwork and information about the Millennium Exile story, characters and plot.

Although all the character and world designs are done by me, I have reached out to other very talented artists here on Deviantart to help contribute towards the artwork of this project.
Recently, Millennium Exile has received some attention from an Emmy Award Winning director in Los Angeles who has offered his support, guidance and involvement in the project.

A demo reel is also currently in the works in which; several professional and high profile American Anime voice actors are already lending their talents to voicing these characters.
I would highly recommend also checking out the pages of the awesome artists I have worked with on this project.

You can find links to all their accounts on my home page :)
Facebook - Millenium Exile

From Alfonso-G-Padron
I'll have to say that for this piece the most difficult thing for me was patienece with the workflow, because shots like these (large portions of cities, buildings and stuff) required a ton of patience to make all the elements integrated in a semi-realistic feel, and many many layers of tiny details.

But on the other hand it was a lot of fun doing this type of pieces, and I hope to do some more

From vanndra
I love digital painting. I used to use oils on canvas, until I found the software ArtRage - a brilliant and affordable way to make digital art.
I recently invested in Corel Painter which is what I used to paint Snow Mountains.
If there is anyone thinking of trying out digital media, I would suggest to try and remember that you can experiment all day and night, with all kinds of brushes, colours, palette knives and blenders etc, and you'll have wasted nothing.

Just gained a lot of insight into what your software can do. I personally found that discovering how to use blend modes and canvas/paper textures was one of the most useful things that I have learned - that is of course after learning how to manage layers for my workflow.

I have to say that I'm still very much a beginner - so much more to learn yet and really enjoying the process :)

From jbrown67
This piece was a lot of fun for me. I tried to create a subtly creepy mood not so much with the colors as with the details. It has no wind, few windows, lots of water but no plant life. I had a lot of fun imagining what I would feel if I were arriving on that ship.

To any aspiring artists, I would suggest focusing on the mood and getting it feeling right. Once you have decided on that, let everything point towards it.
Don't put any detail, color, person, etc in your image unless it is for the aim of furthering the mood, feeling, and story you want to create. A piece of artwork needs to say something, even if it's something as simple as a feeling of cold, heat, creepiness, or joy.

From 3DLandscapeArtist
A very picturesque scene that strongly reminds me of Solitude from Skyrim

From M-Delcambre
A lovingly detailed yet epic expanse of a future city with lovely tones of golden sunlight.

Sands is a desert setting with ancient pyramids surrounded by bustling high-rise buildings with a giant ominous ring dominating the skyline. What's the purpose of the ring? Is it for protection or a prison?
Greetings Everyone.

Some small but important changes are happening behind the scenes of Digital-Landscape and one of those big things is that the group has been upgraded to a Super Group! Other changes are going to slowly trickle into effect as time goes by, hopefully before Christmas, but surely enough.

:bulletred: Acting dumb / ignoring the rules and moderator notes by repeatedly submitting wherever you like is a sure fire way to get banned. If 99.9% of the group can manage to be awesome then so can the other 0.1%.

:bulletgreen: A new folder has been added "Planets and Galaxies". This is for artworks that feature Planetscapes and Galaxies.
:bulletgreen: A new folder has been added "Architectural". This is for artworks that are almost entirely structures.
:bulletgreen: A new folder added "Waterscapes". This will feature artworks of the open seas.
:bulletgreen: A new folder has been added "Contributors and Admins". This folder is dedicated to contributors and admins of Digital-Landscape and may feature more than just artworks.
:bulletgreen: A new folder added "Speed Paints". For speed paints!

:bulletblue: Submissions to the featured folder are now open to members! But only the best shall pass and will be featured in our upcoming monthly newsletters!
:bulletblue: Increased daily submissions for all folders (now 5 per day).

:bulletyellow: There is a poll in effect "Would you like to see a monthly Featured Artworks newsletter?" would be nice to see if people are interested :)

This journal entry is going to be updated, with changelog, from time to time for the at least the next couple of weeks but I promise not to spam :p

Also, if anyone knows of a good CSS Journal/Gallery Skin creator, that takes commissions, could you point me in their direction?

Last, please enjoy Septembers Featured Artists. Hopefully I can establish a nice CSS or basic HTML journal template for October :meow:

Providence World Map - FerdinandLadera
Providence world map by FerdinandLadera

The Elder Tree - JaikArt
The Elder Tree by JaikArt

Eirnland - FrankAtt
Eirnland by FrankAtt

Autumn Stream - Kiarya
Autumn Stream by Kiarya



//Made folders "Waterscapes" and "Speed Paints" publicly open. OOPS!

//24-Oct-5015 :-
//Added new folder "Speed Paints"

//11-Oct-5015 :-
//Updated group guidelines on the main page.
//Starting to move images to more correct folders. This will take some time x(

//09-Oct-2015 :-
//Added new folders "Planetary", "Waterscapes", and "Contributors".

//05-Oct-2015 :-
//Added new folder "Architectural"
//Changed permissions behind the scenes; increased daily folder submissions, member permissions, etc.

Greetings Everyone!

Just wanted to help spread the word of a "Hanging Trees Contest" being conducted by one of our affiliate groups Flying-Islands-Here.

The date of the competition spans from 30-Sept to 30-Oct and for more information please follow the link below:

Thanks for reading,